Juri Battaglini

Lecce 02/03/1973

Mauro Lazzari

Tricase (Le) 15/02/1974

Gaetano Fornarelli

Bari 09/09/1975

Marco Lazzari

Maglie (Le) 03/05/1980

After years of collaboration the architects Juri Battaglini (Faculty of Architecture of Florence; PhD in architectural and urban design at the same Faculty), Mauro Lazzari (Faculty of Architecture of Florence; PhD in architectural and urban design at the same Faculty), Gaetano Fornarelli (Faculty of Architecture of Florence; Master’s Degree in Lighting Design at the University “La Sapienza ITACA Department”) and Marco Lazzari (Faculty of Civil Architecture of the Politecnico di Milano; Head of the prevention and protection service (RSPP) and coordinator security (CSP and CSE)), founded the professional association called Metamor Architetti & Associati in October 2007. The studio operates in the field of Architecture and Urban Planning, making use of all the skills and instrumentation necessary for the design of processes that have as their ultimate goal the planning and development of the territory and architectural design in collaboration with the multidisciplinary structure of which studio members are part of the founders, called LUA Urban Open Laboratory.

The most important public offices include:

  • Integrated Urban Regeneration Program – first and second part of the ecological network relating to the Leuca district – Municipality of Lecce
  • Interconnection network between the smaller centers for the slow mobility – first part – Union of the Terre di Mezzo Municipalities (Le).
  • Integrated Territorial Regeneration Program “Paduli lands among olive trees, stones and icons”
  • itinerary “history and myth”. slow mobility interconnection system in support of the SAC Eastern Gate and the future Patù ecomuseum.
  • Cineporto di Lecce – Apulia Film Commission
  • multi-purpose room for film screenings and public cultural events Cinelab Giuseppe Bertolucci in Lecce – Apulia Film Commission
  • renovation of Convitto Palmieri complex in Lecce. scientific consultancy for restoration – Province of Lecce

collaborate with the studio:

Arch.Sara Lagna design

Piero Andrea Pati visual design

Arch.Giulio Gostoli photographs