Co-founder & Administrator at Metamor Architetti & Associati


Designer & work director

Urban planing specialist

Born in Lecce on 2 March 1973 where he currently resides.

He graduated in architecture in Florence in November 2004 with honors and has been practicing the profession since 2005.

He received his PhD from the Department of Architectural and Urban Design of the University of Florence.

In 1997 in Florence he founded, with a group of artists of various backgrounds, Aut – Temporary Urban Environments – with whom he experimented the relationship between city, person and technology.

In 2003, in the Salento area, with other professionals, he started the Lua group – Urban Open Laboratory – engaged in urban and territorial planning experiences shared with the inhabitants through the use of creative processes.

In 2007 he founded Metamor Architetti & Associati based in Lecce.

Expert in urban planning and development of complex processes through local community involvement practices.